What We Do

Frank has helped New York City clients with different matters over the years including but not limited to:

Labor and Employment Matters including but not limited to contracts, severance agreements, termination, discrimination, disciplinary matters, Labor Law violations, and grievance and arbitration proceedings in the private and public sector.

Professional Licensing Matters involving a client's right to practice his/her profession.  For disciplinary inquiries and accusations that threaten your license and reputation, an experienced Professional License Defense Lawyer can be central to protecting your license.

Pension Matters involving entitlement to and computation of regular and disability pension benefits under public and private pension plans.  A qualified pension lawyer can help you make sense of your pension plan and your rights as pension recipient.

Insurance Matters involving personal and business insurance, coverage issues and the duty to defend and indemnify.  When faced with a serious loss or possibile liability, an experienced insurance lawyer in your corner will mitigate any delays and problems down the road.

Prosecution and defense of business and personal liability claims

Frank also has been privileged to represent clients for years in a variety of matters and appreciates the trust these clients have placed in him over these years.

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