Dear Frank,

I just wanted to write a thank you for your continuing efforts on behalf of myself and my family.

You have represented us for more than 27 years in a number of different matters and in each case you were successful.

In one case, because of your efforts you were able to save our house and ultimately resolve liability claims in excess of $1,500,000 for a nominal sum.

You have always been honest and straightforward in your dealings and the results you have achieved for us have been the best. 


Dear Frank:

You have represented my family and myself for nearly 10 years in connection with a building we have an interest in and in other matters.

Your work has always been "the best". You turned around each of the problems we faced and successfully resolved each of them. Indeed, when we were sued by a former tenant, you were able to get the insurance company to defend the case.  Also when the case was settled, the insurance company paid the entire settlement without any contribution by us.

Also, you have been available to us throughout, and dealt with each matter promptly and without delay. I can always count on reaching you when I need to.

Also you have always been honest, direct, and straightforward with me and my family.

I appreciate your continuing work and help.



Dear Frank,

My sister and I consider ourselves lucky to have found you.

You responded promptly to our requests and took immediate steps to resolve the matter as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

You are a kind and decent man and it has always been good working with you.

You are wonderful to speak with.  You quickly eased our concerns and made us feel confident of a successful outcome.

We thank you for everything.


Dear Frank:

I was very fortunate to have found you.  As a result of your efforts, I was awarded a disability pension from NYCERS which I know is very difficult to obtain.

You new what to do at each step in the process and I appreciate your efforts in my behalf which proved to be a life saver.

Thank you again.


Dear Frank,

I thank you very much for handling this matter with sensitivity and understanding! You relieved my intense anticipatory anxiety from previous experiences. Please note, I faxed to you eight pages, relating to that outrageous threatening notice from Aetna before accessing your email. 

I plan to organize the rest of the material ASAP.

Thanks again.


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